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Attention! Text with base biblical, translated to english by brazilian evangelicals; forgive us for any grammatical errors. Contact us, please do it in portuguese (see page end).

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GOD does miracles!

Brazil - Anápolis GO - 01/21/2014 - 02:52 PM

BEFORE see this spectacular, amazing, video, READ this:
Grandmother and grandson get hit twice by the same car.
The car in question weighs almost 1 ton.
The car hits the grandmother and grandson was displaced by another, so this car was at low speed and low speed, their weight is considerable.
Note that the car literally and completely passes over the two.
First running over: the rear wheel passes over them.
Second running over: below, the front wheel of the car passes over the boy's head and neck, then over bowl and legs grandma. In this final moment, we see the grandmother's body being shaken because of the weight of the front wheel to go over your bowl and legs.
And the amazing thing is to see how the boy's head is dragged (rubbed against the ground) by the front wheel of the vehicle, and only after that go over the head and neck.
Never seen anything like it!

Grandma fainted and then recovered with minor injuries, the boy immediately stood up, only had minor injuries and nothing else.
Surely the Lord God made a miraculous intervention. We believe that He briefly did the bodies become a kind of high-resistance rubber. After all, He is the Almighty.
And then, somebody prayed to God (in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ) by escape of those two?
Not referring to the prayer of thanksgiving, but, yes, a prayer of intercession before the fact itself have occurred, so that there was deliverance from death and serious injury at the time of the accident?
Certainly nobody did any prayer.
But there's a question that won't shut up.
If nobody prayed for the Lord intervened?
Well, we do not have the answer, however, one thing we know: The Lord is the Almighty, that is, He does everything as it want, when it want, and in the time it want.
And more, perhaps you have a different plan of life for the child, ie, a grand spiritual blessing. See the video and please INCREASE the sound:

See please some others download, INSTRUCTIONS:

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