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Attention! Text with base biblical, translated to english by brazilian evangelicals; forgive us for any grammatical errors. Contact us, please do it in portuguese (see page end).

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   Ecology, Contaminated Earth!

(Progress, Destruction, The end of the Earth)

And still talk in ecology, clean planet! Make me laugh...

Read this article and try to act, maybe there is still time for you...

We are all poisoned (save yourself who can)!

The Earth Is Poisoned, Fully Contaminated!

IN WATER: It is both poop, pee, cooking oil, residential sewage generally mixed to industrial detritus, adds the lubricants and more other detritus of mechanical workshops and maintenance workshops in general. Now we have the large deposits of rubbish, other large garbage dumps; see which are these: the headwaters of rivers, the lakes, the rivers and the sea. NOTE: pick up the water of the rivers for use. (which is no longer so clean) however, return it to the less with less filth. But this type of mechanism the man ass-scientist develops not (because it is a ignorant destroyer).

P. S. Quality of life?! ... Oil exploration in deep water?! ... Here comes the PHDs and say: "Calm down, we have technology to do so." FOOLS, IMBECILES! They don't see that the risk of a disaster is proportional to the depth of drilling(?!).

ON THE SOIL: The garbage dumps, the pesticides, the agrochemicals, the atomic waste... And then, need I say anything else?!...

ON AIR: cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses (the vast majority of these have engine and exhaust deregulated), destruction of forests, forest fires, industries without filters on the chimneys, all the damage they do to promote our end.

IN FOODS: put a lot of "stuff" and preservatives in foods with the purpose to improve the flavor; and the principal (preservatives) to prolong the maturity of products to destre so, increase their durability and achieve higher profits, winning competitor in the final price because of lower turnover replacement on supermarket shelves(! ...) Addendum: They want to make better what nature has done, as presented us with as maximum beauty, taste and durability. But the man is very "wise", has a crazy wisdom, because he wants, subtly, destroy himself with his many foolishness (precipitated inventions).

AND WHY ALL THIS? Answer: Why does man wants full convenience, full satisfaction, full overcoming, full comfort, full delight, full progress, more production and less labor, less work and more profit (however, are things he will never find / will reach) ... But the man wants more, and in their frantic search for troubleshooting, solves and creates a two (or more). Note well, see, prove, the human being, in his dogged pursuit of perfection, has been more imbecile than intelligent, is a crazed, because the unsuspecting do not sees the thing as a whole (in the general), only see the problem here and now (only sees the own navel), he wants to invent things to make life easier, but ultimately ends up complicating everything, including our health.

Note: of course, it is evident, certain inventions are useful and viable; example: the invention of the wheel, paper, pen, printing press (write the printed)... etc; however, many others, in general about 70% of these (empirical data), in the course of time, will generate more complication than solution.

A small example to illustrate: As more automation, less work, because the machines do not make strike and nothing claim and make the service of 3 or 10 thousand, already the human worker(?! ...) Well, but, however, nevertheless, with fewer jobs, the greater the violence and general dissatisfaction. And the guys claim to be the such, those who do and happen, doctors, PHDs!!!

It is a lot of joint irresponsibility (government and people united destroys will be destroyed)!

Jesus Christ Loves You!

Spiritual Church of the Lord's is built upon on the rock, whoever remain in it is protected and not suffer damage in the end time.